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This memorial website was created in the memory of our son,  Steven Miller who was born in St. Helena California on August 31, 1984 and passed away on March 31, 2006 at the age of 21. Steven will be forever loved and forever missed by all of those who knew him!

Steven Patrick Miller was born August 31, 1984. He weighed 8 ½ pounds and was 21 ½ inches long. Steven decided to come into this world a month early, which was good because he was a big boy for his mommy who is only 4 feet 10 inches. Steven was a very strong willed child even at birth. If it was time to eat he let you know under no circumstances was he going to not be feed right then. At the age of 6 months he decided that he had had enough of his binky (pacifier) and threw it across his grandma Klebe’s living room and never picked it up again. Steven was a good baby only cried when he was hungry or wet. Steven spent time with his Grandpa Klebe during the day whey his mommy and daddy were working. At the age of 2 he had learned to drive grandpa’s small tractor and would help grandpa on there 5 acres all the time hauling things. On March 24 of 1987 James Douglas Miller was born and Steven adored his baby brother. He was very protective of him. In September of 1989 Steven was able to meet his mothers biological grandma and his Aunt Sharon, Uncle Tom and Auntie Pam. In October of 1989 his family moved to Salem Oregon where his dad got a job working for the State of Oregon at Fairview Training Center. Steven thrived and spent lots of time playing with his legos and hot wheel cars. Even at a young age Steven could build awesome things with his legos. What do you want for your birthday or Christmas Steven the answer would always be Lego’s mommy. Steven went to Livingstone Junior Academy for Kindergarten and 1st grade then went to Liberty elementary for 2nd grade then back to Livingstone for 3 and 4th grade then to Shirley elementary school for 5th grade. Then he went back to Livingstone Junior Academy until he left after graduating from 8th grade and completing his first two years of high school. Steven was a very bright boy. He got excellent grades and excelled in school. His Junior year of High school he and his parents decided that he would go to live with his grandparents in Lincoln City and go to high school at the local Adventist school there. There he grew is love for cars and was always working to make his car better. He was always painting or adding this feature or that new gadget to his car. In 2002 Steven Graduated from Portland Adventist Academy with high honors. After High school he continuted to work and then went to Walla Walla College for a time. He was not happy there so he came back home and decided to go to Pacific Union College where he was born and lived his 1st 2 years of his life. He did well but didn’t like being away from home. He came back to Lincoln City, Oregon and went to the local community college there. He was planning on going back to PUC, but never made it.
On March 31st 2006, the phone call that no parents ever wants to get. It came at 11:40pm. One of his friends said that Steven had been shot and he was in the Newport Hospital. We then got a call from the police department letting us know. The agony of not knowing how Steven was almost more then we could handle. The Police told us that he had been shot in the head. The next call we got was from the Doctors telling us that they were transporting him to OSHU Hospital in Portland and they would be transporting him by ambulance because they couldn’t go by air because of the weather. We immediately got in the car and drove up to OHSU and waited for an hour for our beloved son to arrive. We didn’t see him right away but when we did it was just so devastating. Steven lived till 6:40am March 31st. He never regained consciousness and I know deep down in my heart that once the gun went off he never felt another thing. We may never know exactly what transpired that night. No one is really talking. It really doesn’t matter because the outcome is the same. My sweet, sweet Steven is no longer with us except in our hearts. I miss the sound of his car driving down the street to come home. I miss his picking me up and caring me around on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. He was such a tease. I miss his laughter, his smile his personality everything about him! He loved his mom and dad and brother so very much!!! We love him and miss him so much!!! We long for the day that we can be re-united with him!
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Prayers and blessings   / Karen Jenkins (none)
Mei God bless and comfort you on this Angelversary of your Angel Steven.  My prayers and blessings to you always.   Karen Mom to Angel Geoff
THANK YOU MY FRIEND....   / Melissa Scatto
Re: Happy 24th Birthday My Dear Son   / Lori Miller (Mom)
Dear Steven, July 27, 2008On August 31, 2008 you would have been 24 years old, but now you are forever 21. The days drag by with constant thoughts of you. What would you be doing if you were still with us? Would you be married, in school or would you...  Continue >>
Living With The Pain   / Donna Berg, Aaron's Mom (Connected by Angels )
Dear Lori, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son.  I know these words are so inadequate, but they are very sincere because I know the pain and the longing that you feel.  It's been five years since I received the phone call th...  Continue >>
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Steven Patrick Miller Life Sketch  

      Steven Patrick Miller was born August 31, 1984, in Deer Park, California. His first years were spent in Angwin, California. Steven’s family lived near his Grandma and Grandpa Klebe, which gave him the opportunity to spend time fishing, and driving his motorized jeep on their property. 

     Steven and his family moved to Salem, Oregon, in October 1987, when Steven was three years old. Steven developed a knack for building and creating, both with his legos and also with random items he found around the house. Steven and his younger brother, J.D., especially enjoyed spending time with their dad at his shop where he did auto bodywork. Steven would use that time to create objects from scraps of metal he found in and around the shop. Steven showed an unusual ability to make intricate projects, such as cars and spaceships, using legos. He kept many of these projects into his adult years. Steven’s love for cars was developed early through his legos and his collection of Hot Wheels. As he grew older, Steven helped his dad with the vehicles his dad was restoring. When he got his own car, Steven developed additional skills to make modifications that would increase its speed and performance. 

     Steven’s Grandma and Grandpa Klebe moved to Oregon from California in 1996, which gave Steven the opportunity to spend time with them. Steven traveled extensively with his grandparents, visiting Egypt, Australia, Honduras, and Venezuela, among other places. Many of these trips were mission-oriented and afforded Steven the opportunity to help build homes and churches. Steven also was able to visit with his Grandma and Grandpa Miller in California on several occasions and these trips were enjoyed equally by both Steven and his grandparents. 

    Steven attended school in Salem and finished 10th grade at Livingston Adventist Academy. Because Livingston was a junior academy, Steven moved in with his Grandma and Grandpa Klebe, who then lived on the Oregon coast, to finish the final two years of academy in Lincoln City through Portland Adventist Academy. Steven graduated in 2002 having made many good friends during high school. 

     During Steven’s life, he enjoyed many different interests and activities. Steven was involved in Pathfinders from 1994 to 1999. His mom, Lori, was involved with Steven in Pathfinders and attended many functions with him as a counselor. Camping was a favorite part of Steven’s Pathfinder experience and something that he continued to do into adulthood. 

     Steven and his mom spent many happy hours in the kitchen together cooking and baking. Steven showed great interest in cooking and was known to make “a mean stir-fry”. 

     Steven loved sports and was a lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan. He collected baseball and football cards and enjoyed playing baseball, football, and basketball. One happy memory for both Steven and his Grandma and Grandpa Miller was the time they took him to a Dodger game. He also loved classic Coke and would make frequent requests of family and friends for a two-liter if they happened to be out at the store. 
     Steven was in the process of returning to college and had plans to further develop his skills with auto body and repair. He had plans to pursue a business career in the automotive field. 

    Steven made friends easily and excelled in just about anything he put his mind to. He had unlimited potential that could have taken him anywhere in life. We have so many unanswered questions why something like this would happen. Steven had so much ahead of him and so much to offer. We each have our own favorite memories of Steven that we will cherish forever. Steven was only with us for 21 short years but his loss will be felt for a lifetime.

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